Juicing and Blending

Juicing and Blending are both fantastic ways to enhance your nutritional intake on a day to day basis, and there is often confusion as to which one is better for you. They are both great and in different ways! Below you will find the differences in an easy and simple table.



1. Removes the pulp, which means only the soluble fiber remains in your juice. This eases digestion of nutrients and passes into your system very quickly. The pulp remains in the drink, which contains the insoluble fiber and acts as a sustained slow burner. This fiber is good for you and keeps you full for longer,  however some of the nutrients will be attached to the insoluble fiber and will pass through your system.
2. When juicing you receive only 70% of the nutrients in the fruit/vegetables; on the other hand, because of that you will absorb 100% of the nutritional content as it is in the form of soluble fiber. In a smoothie, you are receiving the whole fruit/vegetable, so 100% of the nutrients are entering your system, but some will pass through and not be absorbed. 
3. For those who dislike greens, it is very easy to disguise the flavour of a mostly green juice with just one fruit ingredient, as well as being easy to consume on the go, or in a rush. You have a huge choice of extra superfood ingredients you can add to a smoothie, like healthy fats (avocado), powders (spirulina), or extra protein with some yoghurt. This makes them a legitimate meal replacement or post workout option.
4. Juices which are full of fruit and vegetables that are high in sugar content (like beets and carrots) can induce a sugar spike on consumption, and may contain a higher carbohydrates content than you had anticipated. Smoothies which are packed full of fruit, vegetables and healthy fats can still have a high carb count, so if being consumed with a meal, this can add up.

Juicing and Blending Workshops

If you are interested to learn more about juicing and blending, Navutu Dreams, Cambodia’s only high-end resort & wellness retreat offers classes and workshops on vegetable-fruit juicing as well as power tea-making. The workshops are overseen by a certified health & fitness coach, Jay Sapphire.

Book a Detox Retreat at Navutu Dreams

Juicing and blending - Fit Burn Detox Retreats - Navutu Dreams

For those who would like to go on a retreat that combines detox & nutrition, Navutu Dreams is proud to announce its newest retreat program called the 5 Day Navutu Fit Burn Detox Retreat. This retreat incorporates a healthy diet, introducing classes on nutrition and power tea-making and juicing. Rejuvenating massages, detoxifying spa treatments and light yoga and meditations are included in the program to help energize mind & body. In this 5-day retreat, our fitness & nutrition coach, Jay will guide you through to help you make some significant lifestyle changes. Highlights of this program include health & wellness consultation, nutrition classes, a goal setting session and a juicing/power tea class.

Booking your Navutu Fit Burn Detox Retreat automatically includes accommodation, airport pick up, tuk tuk shuttle service for Siem Reap town center and access to our freshwater and saltwater pools and gym facilities.

To learn more about our detox retreats, please visit Navutu Detox Retreats.