New year means new opportunities. 2018 is nearing its end and now is the best time to start thinking about your personal resolution and goals this coming 2019. Goal setting and self-reflection encourages us to grow as unique individuals so let us look ahead to our goals for next year.

A fresh new beginning to pursue new challenges, achieve life goals, inspire possibilities and improve one’s self. It’s not about setting crazy ambitious resolutions and goals but instead choosing the right ones, simple enough that it’s achievable but big enough that it gives you the joy of gratification when you see yourself in a better situation and still going strong.

Start 2019 on the right foot and set yourself to make a difference in the most satisfying year yet. Here are five ideas to help you start 2019 with a bang!

Eat Healthier
Most of us want to lose that extra pound, this is a common goal for all of us, to lose weight and get healthier. Trying to accomplish a big goal on your own can be tough but with proper support, it can make it becomes achievable and keeps you motivated. Change your eating habits and get proper nutrition with wholesome nutritious food choices. Change your environment and make it work for you, not against you. Minimize the difficult decisions you have to make and remove all possible barriers which can hinder you from achieving your goal. Simple in theory but difficult in practice, Navutu Dreams Resort is always open and is in full support with wellness and healthy food choices available. From delicious wellness and wholesome salads paired with fresh and colourful detox juices, have a healthy diet and get the right balance this new year.

Get your life back together and invest in yourself more. Start the year with the mindset of contributing to your wellbeing. Saying “no” to others is hard but putting yourself first and to taking time to take care of yourself the way it deserves to be supported is very essential and will give you space to be your best self. Learn to listen to your body and take your health and happiness into your own hands. We are hosting wonderful yoga retreats with well-known International Yoga instructors to open 2019 right to help you create the proper mindset, lifestyle, and environment for a holistic embodiment of wellness. A combination of good physical, mental and emotional health to cultivate great exercise, conscious mindset, eating and sleeping habits. Go deeply inward on the mat to have a stronger connection to self and our own unique power within. Set yourself up for success.
Travel More
We often create that bucket list of exotic destination for the simple wish of traveling more. It’s easy to say you want to travel but most of the time we are drawn back to the same comfortable places. Go somewhere new and discover places you have not even heard of and take advantage of your vacation days to learn and meet locals and uncover some of the best spots in a destination. Have a travel budget to have the trip of your dreams and make the most out of it. Siem Reap in Southeast Asia being one of the top destination in the world, is home and the winner of 2018’s Tripadvisor’s Destination Award, Angkor Wat. Cambodia, a country full of cultural adventures, exquisite local food, historic gems, beautiful people and many more is a true bucket list destination. Navutu Dreams Resort is the perfect accommodation to accompany you while you explore and experience the best sites in town.
Be More Active
There is comfort in routine but exploring new hobbies can mold and benefit your life. Challenge yourself to new heights and activities to learn and break the routine we are all guilty of. Increase your overall fitness level with workouts you have never imagined doing. It’s probably time to say “yes” to a long time friend who’s continually inviting you to try something new. Yoga and meditation practice self-realization and keeps oneself balanced and healthy on a daily basis. We at Navutu Dreams Resort offer two daily yoga classes; 1 at 7:30 am and the other at 6:30 pm (please see our daily schedule). A great opportunity to try something new and be active at the same time. Relax and enjoy the after hours of yoga with our three ravishing swimming pools to replenish your wellbeing. Make this a healthy date with your partner, friends or with family, accomplishing a big goal together will keep you motivated and it will be easier to adapt into your lifestyle. Be adventurous and make healthy choices to be more active. Purchase a Navutu Tribe Pass and get unlimited yoga, pool time, food & drinks and spa discount for a month-long of relaxation and pampering.
Spend More Time with Your Family
Finding quality time in this busy day and age is a challenge, but not impossible. Make this a priority and leave the virtual devices at home and dive into the realistic sensations to experience the world outside and create valuable time with the family. Develop deeper bonding time with your kids and relinquish the love with your partner. Strengthen family ties through group activities where the goal of having fun is more important than anything else. Our family adventure package will surely put smiles on everyone. Get to stay in our two-bedroom suite paired with activities that involves the whole family. From bike rides, educational community tour, cooking classes, and many other more, create the perfect family atmosphere and don’t waste this coming year without your family being a priority for you. Navutu Dreams has the atmosphere and the facilities to develop family relationship, highly recommended by Travel The World Family and The Jetsetting Family who have both enjoyed and loved their stay at Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat.