It’s International Yoga Day and Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat is inviting you to join this amazing opportunity where we celebrate a universal spiritual bond to magnify the healing benefits and transformative power of yoga with free multiple classes!

This year, we invite fellow yogis of any skill level a chance to gather together to find collective peace and receive one of India’s precious gift to mankind, yoga. Our trained and talented yoga instructors Richie and Manuela are pleased to host and welcome you as we unite in celebration through free multiple yoga classes from sunrise to sunset on Friday, June 21st. A day full of opportunities to connect deeply, make new friends and embrace new ideas as we raise awareness for the consciousness movement and the practice of Yoga in Siem Reap.

Experience immense and heartfelt yoga in Siem Reap’s only Yoga & Wellness destination, Samadhi Yogashala & Wellness Center by Navutu Dreams. Check our Navutu Yoga Day Schedule so you can book your spot early:

5:30 am – Sunrise Meditation

Rise and shine with us for a sunrise meditation on the rooftop. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to point your day in the right direction, as you’ll be starting it fresh and grounded, and with a positive mindset! In this 60min session, you will be guided through mindfulness and loving-kindness meditation. No previous meditation experience is required.

8:00 am – Hatha

This class focuses on alignment for the different body types, as well as balancing effort and relaxation. And by bringing awareness to the breath, we create mindfulness in each pose. This class is perfect for beginners yet still challenging enough for those who already have an established practice.

11:00 am – Vinyasa

In vinyasa yoga, movement is synchronized with the breath. This style is sometimes also called flow yoga, because of the fluid way that the poses flow from one to another like a dance. The breath is a vital component in the practice because movement from one pose to the next is initiated by an inhale or an exhale.

2:00 pm – Sivananda

The class begins with relaxation, followed by breathing exercises and a sequence where poses will be held from anywhere between 30-90 seconds, allowing you to really feel present, with plenty of relaxation poses throughout. This is yoga as it is taught in India.

5:00 pm – Sunset Pranayama Meditation

It is often said that when you learn to control the breath the mind will follow. Pranayama is an ancient Indian practice that explores the relationship between the breath and the mind. ‘Prana’ means vital energy, which is found in all living things, and ‘yama’ means regulation. Through pranayama we learn how to regulate our energy and to quieten and focus the mind using the breath. Come join us at sunset on our rooftop, at 5pm, for a free introduction to pranayama, including a short meditation. If the weather isn’t kind to us we’ll take it indoors. No previous experience is required.

All sessions are free and 60 minute each. We encourage everyone to book their spot in advance, spread the good word and see you all on Navutu Yoga Day. Email us your preferred class with your name and your email address at [email protected] or call us directly at +855 63 964 864

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